An artistic free spirit loves color and texture and enjoys the energies of most beloved destinations collected during a lifetime of travels. Bohemian decor creates a synergistic space that celebrates an eclectic global talent. Enjoying color, global cultures and creating a vibrant and lively decor gives my home a life, just like the nomadic banjara gypsies. The unexpected integrating of turquoise blue sideboard with the nomadic Damchia, an Indian tart chest with a طراحی ویلا مدرن magnificent Kutch mirror tapestry had put on the wall used as a past for a headboard, the visual effect is simply stunning. The color combination of blue, green, and reds is not common as all of them are strong palettes, but mix them up with a wild selection of leafy plants and you have yourself quite a bohemian rhapsody of color and design.

This boho beachfront home is beautifully eclectic, filled with rustic whitewashed woods and furniture in natural textures. The aesthetic is filled with warm ethnic tribal decor, eclectic but gets interested nature. The colorings of sand can be seen in the carved armoires that are handmade from vintage woods and have subtle greenish greyish patinas. The antique blue door with its aged patina reminds me of ancient tribes and nomadic gypsies. The Jaipur door is the center of attention in the living room with creepers growing around it. The warmth of the aged wood and the hand carved ornate detail is marvelous. The story that each piece holds is imbibed in the woods and the energy that emanates from these antiques produces life in another dimension.

My fascination with old cultures and made use of is seen all over the house with the Ganesha barndoor in the hall. Ganesha governs the basis chakra from where everything begins and is our connection to Mother nature. The Rama wall carving with Hanuman tells the story of Ramayan when Rama had to twine the almost holy bow of Shiva to win Sita’s hand. The colorful archway is irreplaceable, painted in brilliant blue, a melon, yellow giving it a captivating life. The Banjara tribes are famous for their artistry and padded materials which have showcases sewn into the threads. The archway is inspired from these beautiful masterpieces of artistic creation and is the entrance to my kitchen.

The eating space is an proxy of the veranda and is tripped from the kitchen giving the space a relaxed, yet chic character. A affected, carved door dining table paired with white chairs gives a refined casualness to the room and I like to the marine wind through the opened windows later in the day. Subtle muted rustic elegance blended with the Banjara gypsy style, an eclectic university of cultures and globalism.

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