Precise packages are very popular amongst cosmetic surgeons as it includes the required items like gauze sponges, sterile and clean curtains that are properly draped, the basic instruments, and other similar materials that are usually laid out during surgeries on proper fenestrated pans. It is the duty of technicians تجهیز بیمارستان و کلینیک in private hospitals to sterilize and prepare these precise packages for the E. Ur and then stock them for future need. The process of sterilization for instruments is essential and has to be done adequately with the use of pressurized sauna created in an autoclave, especially when the precise instruments require sterilization on a low pressure, using plasma or gas sterilization.

Learning how to properly sterilize and pack precise instruments is really important for the safety of the patient. This is why learning the basic principles that apply in the art of providing instruments should be learned by all doctors and technicians getting work done in private hospitals. To start the process you have to first fastidiously clean and then fully dry all the instruments. Then collect all of those other materials that you need to add to your pack. The use of an ultrasonic instrument for cleaning the instruments once you are done washing is preferable. Otherwise you can simply hand wash the instruments using enzymatic solution which is specially designed for cleaning precise instruments. Factors to consider that you properly clean off all rust and debris from the instruments. You have to make sure that the solution you are using for cleaning your instruments is natural pH otherwise you can end up with stains on your instruments.

Now check out lubricating the precise instruments that need to be lubricated. Again always purchase a lubrication that is manufactured for this specific purpose. Give proper time for the instruments to completely dry once you are done lubricating them. You have to make sure that you properly count all the materials and instruments like suture sharp needles, gauze sponges, etc to ensure that you have the count absolutely necessary. This is a very crucial stage because when the pack of instruments is opened, the cosmetic surgeons count every item before sewing in the patient to make sure that they have not accidentally left almost everything from the pack inside the surgeon.

When providing some of the instruments it’s best that they are packed individually or in small collections using plastic or paper pouch made of the professional usage heat — wrapping up plastic variety. If you plan on using plasma sterilization on your precise instruments you should use Mylar or Tyvek pouches or simply purchase a polyester fabric wrap of the nonwoven variety. Some of the packages that you put together must be of a larger size according to your surgeon’s preferences. If you need to pack a fenestrated skillet in your pack of instruments, be sure you first place a lint — free towel on to your skillet before putting in other instruments or materials. This is how you pack precise instruments professionally and efficiently. For more further visit Precise Instruments.

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