It is SEO experts all over the world are brainstorming to create successful strategies. Intelligent minds have work for them to please the search engine robots for fast indexing of the business websites of their clients. Securing and keeping higher search engine ranking is a challenge. The game is not easy and after the incessant churning out of the Google algorithm updates; the message ‘survival of the fittest’ is loud and clear in the SEO industry. Social media or the amalgamation real social signals of different social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more is the new-age media. Businesses must cling on to these social channels for exposure, building brand image, conversion and profit.

Creating strong online presence of your brand is quintessential:

Want to impress the search engine robots of Google? Then be strong with your social signals as Google is paying heed to these social signals for tagging your business as reliable, legitimate and deserving to go in Website positioning. Take this as one of the crucial search engine optimization tips. When weaving well-sketched marketing plans, if you are leaving out the value of your social campaign, then you will miss out on bigger RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!

Enhanced user-experience is the key:

There is no place for thin content, users landing up on a website should not be deceived but be provided with what they are looking for. Be fair with your business website no matter which industry you are operating in. Arise the search engine ranking spectrum because you deserve it by earning credibility as Google is placing importance on user experience like no time before to attack the negative SEO campaigns that some companies are indulging in.

Make your brand a social player:

Activation is the key and there are no two ways about it. The question is how to be an excellent social player and connect, engage your target audience as a social player? These days, brands do not have an option to guage whether they want to be present in the social platforms or not- what matters is how a brand shows its expertise in its level of interaction, engagement and deliberation and extracts of its social media marketing campaign. Pay attention to 3R’s- recommendations, reviews, ratings in social media can help a business to maximize its reach and earn that credibility factor for the search engine robots to bestow higher search engine ranking.

Open the door of your business for your customers:

Your target audience is eager to know how updated is your brand, your future business plans, new products, sales news or the perks that they can enjoy being the loyalists of your brand. Make them aware what is the present scenario via updates in your social pages and profiles, fan the prompts of your customers to fuel your conversion rate. Social media connections the distance between the brand and consumers by acting as the potential platforms. So do not forget to humanize your brand.

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