If you talk to virtually anyone today about telephone calling or cross country calling, the conversation will enthusiastically turn to VOIP service. The reasons are clear — it is much much less expensive and folks typically have an exceptional خدمات ویپ dislike for paying more than they need to for products.

VOIP usage is on the rise. In fact, in the early part of last year, the number of new phone activations for VOIP outnumbered the new service activations for traditional phone service for the first time in history. If you are not yet using VOIP service at home, you must be asking yourself if all these people know something that you should get familiar with.

There is a bit of mystery about VOIP simply because it is a “technology product” and there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with modern technology. They cannot know how to turn on a computer or tell the difference between a left mouse click and a right mouse click. So maybe VOIP is not for you, but let’s see if we can dig deeper and discover for sure.

VOIP service allows you to make and receive telephone calls using your highspeed Internet connection. But the VOIP service provider does not also provide the highspeed Internet connection. They assume you already have that, and to a large degree, most households do have that, at least in the town you live areas of cities. If you live in a farm location where DSL or cable is not available, then VOIP is not for you. If your only option for high-speed Internet access is satellite broadband, then i would not recommend VOIP for you either, since satellite broadband is not designed to support that very well at all.

Even if you do have DSL or cable high-speed Websites, is it reliable? Remember, when your DSL or cable goes out, so does your VOIP connection and you can no longer make or receive phone calls on your VOIP phone. Are the rates slow? Is the high-speed service “iffy”? Then you either need to find a more reliable provider, or you need to accept the fact that VOIP is not for you.

I did so not mean to discourage you from VOIP, but if you are in the situations described above, you are not likely to enjoy your VOIP service. When you are talking to someone, you will inevitably drop words and perchance even whole sentences when you are talking, and may sound like you are talking from the bottom of your bath tub. Note that this is almost always a problem with products you can your high-speed Internet connection, and is No hassle with the VOIP service provider.

Now with all that out of the way, how do you select your VOIP service provider? Start shopping around. Services like Vonage which are available at various places like Best Buy and Rounds City may not be your best choice when you compare features and pricing. The one destination to NOT get VOIP service is from your DSL or cable provider. Sure, they want to inform you of the benefits of having it all on one bill, but what they are not informing you is that you are paying 50% to 100% MORE for your VOIP service, and you are not getting 50% to 100% more quality. In fact, you are not likely getting any quality at all.

Most VOIP providers have a standard set of features but there are subtle differences that might appeal to you, depending on your needs. For example, for one price you can make unlimited calls in the entire continental US, but some carriers also include Europe, so if that is important to you, then look for that.

Do you need a virtual number? Some VOIP provideres like SunRocket your internet site virtual number with the basic service. To understand what a virtual number is and the benefit it can provide, you may want to read about virtual numbers at VOIP Virtual Numbers within my web site.

Are you comfortable enough with VOIP service to where you would be ready plan to a full year up front? If so, the SunRocket plan allows you to pay for a full year up front, which brings the monthly cost down to around $16 per month. Even if you don’t pay for a year up front though, with ANY VOIP provider, make sure that you can cancel without punishment if you learn that VOIP service is just not your cup of tea.

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