The Damascus Grand Rotary Regular sewing Machine, sold by Montgomery Infirmary, decades ago, remains one of the most beloved machines ever created. People hire cash grabber around the globe still use, revere, and protect their Grand Rotary regular sewing machine.

A collector’s item, this original machine at the time sewed about 1/3 quicker than all the models at the time and it became an instantaneous classic. Every serious sewer and amateur sewer alike quickly finds out the subtleties of a machine and then becomes one with their machine. This machine is one of the few machines in history to become this kind of instant and enduring classic.

Even nowadays in this society where convenience and speed are paramount, people enjoy and perfect their regular sewing skills. In fact, we often pay reduced to have people sew things for us as we appreciate products you can good regular sewing. Those among us who have improved upon the art of regular sewing will be quick to point out that it is as much about their machine as it is about their individual skills.

Whether creating a new dress or shirt, hemming shorts, modifying their favorite garment, attaching buttons or embroidering, the art of regular sewing is appreciated by all, yet mastered by surprising few. In recent years, however, there is a resurgence of interest in regular sewing that has led to an increase in popularity of collectible machines like this one.

Collectors know the value of a great machine and all of its accessories including the tiny needles, cases and even manuals. That’s right, there is an entire market of people looking for, finding and selling owner manuals for popular machines like this one.

As people look for the ultimate find in regular sewing, sometimes they come online and research these classic machines to find the machines themselves, as well as the various accessories that are available for the machine.

We would be curious to learn if Montgomery Ward’s thought for a moment that whenever they began to offer this machine nearly a century ago that it would become this kind of instant classic. If they knew it at the time or not, there is no doubt that this amazing machine has caught the heart and the attention of regular sewing aficionados around the world who love their Damascus Grand Rotary regular sewing machine. If you are fascinated by regular sewing, I highly recommend you obtain one of these machines.

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