Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a dimly lit room, the smell of soothing scented fills the room. Candles sparkling all around, bringing your awareness to the calmness of the ambiance, leaving you feeling relaxed in a safe and comfortable space. You can now take a deep breath of air and truly feel like you are ready to give in, ready to forget all your troubling thoughts. You remember you are here to give this moment to yourself, to feel pampered and taken care of, to only be, for a while.

When the first few highlites and strokes of oil start to softly cover your skin, you can feel your body thanking you. An ebb and 여성전용스웨디시 flow of pressured and long and circular pushing blood through strokes slowly start to loosen all your muscles and pressure points, and with each stroke, you feel more and more relaxed, more and more at peace, enfolded more and more into the present moment.

The smell of the oils and smells in the room are just the kind that you prefer and make you feel at ease.
Your body will be fully lavished in oil, entirely nurtured by its healing powers, every inch handled fantastically, every knot untied. Now you are completely peaceful, you feel reconnected to your body and you start to feel every touch more and more vibrant on your skin.

Now that all that stress and worries have remaining your body, and every inch of your skin explored, you can start to indulge your body into even higher feelings. A sensual massage can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-love, as you take the time to reconnect with your body and listen to new and more exciting ways of feeling pleasure.
You are in a space without restraints so feel free to communicate with your physical therapist whatever you decide and need or you don’t like. It’s the moment to surrender completely and grow free, let your imagination run wild and allow your body to express itself. Moan, ask, beg and don’t be patient.

You will feel the hands slowly getting deeper and deeper, as the towel is being completely removed, you will be already charged with the anticipation of touch, as you feel your breathing becomes more and more rapid. You will feel your erotic energies fully aroused allowing you to reach your state of enhanced sex even before your sensual spots will be massaged. The attentive caress will make sure your skin is tingling with arousal through every inch of your body. Think about the best orgasms you’ve had, now imagine your body being open and come across so much more than that.

This session is all about overindulgence and bothering to explore every sensation throughout all your body. In this hectic world, this is a moment of sinking back into the pool of timeless serenity, complete awareness of yourself and your body.

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